Norton Security 7.3 for Mac Is Out Now

Norton Security 7.3 for Mac is presently available through LiveUpdate. Like Norton's past refreshes, this rendition is being released in a staged way in totally upheld dialects. To move this update, only run LiveUpdate. 

To confirm you have the update, dispatch the Main User Interface, click on help, and pick about.

Below FAQ’s addresses some common questions:

1. Anyway am I ready to move this update? 

This fix is simply available through LiveUpdate and is being released in a staged way. 

2. What are the dialects this update is out there for? 

Every single upheld language. 

3. What's going on? 

New Chrome expansions. Norton Security split its current Chrome augmentation into 2 single reason expansions and they are each available to move by means of the Chrome store. 

4. Changes/Bug Fixes:. 

Execution/Stability upgrades 

Other bug fixes 



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