How Do I Resolve Norton Error 126?

Countless thousands of individuals, as well as corporations, utilize Norton Antivirus to equip their individual PCs as well as large scale digital networks with the tools and features necessary to safeguard oneself against the dangers that run rampant in the Cyber World. While is widely regarded among the greatest antivirus providers in the current world, it is not extremely infrequent to run into intermittent bugs and mistakes that could interfere with its performance. One of them is your error code 126.

What's Error 126?

When encountering this error, your screen will often reveal to you a code or pop up showing the error code 126. This error may also present as frequent system freezes, crashes, and normally lethargic or inadequate performance which may be outside of the standard. There are numerous problems that could be the root cause of this malfunction, including damaged registry entries on your Windows, the presence of viruses or other kinds of malware on your system, and sometimes even the improper installation of Antivirus on your PC.

Below are a few steps you may take to resolve this matter and fix the error code 126.

To start with, be certain your PC is not infected with spyware. To do this, run a complete scan of your system and eliminate any suspicious files or apps that may be found.

You can even try to resolve any errors inside the Windows registry entries that may be causing mistake 126 in your system. You can manually edit those entrances but make sure you make these changes under the oversight and with lots of care as a mistake can lead to a grand system failure. Additionally, make backup copies of these entrances before making any improvements.

Go into Start and start the command prompt. Input and execute the control"cleanmgr" to expel any temporary and trash files that may be clogging your system and hogging down it.

Run Something Restore for Your Windows

Run the wizard on your own computer to come back to the most optimum variation of Windows in your system. Restart your computer to execute the improvements.

Reinstall Norton Antivirus

As a last-ditch resort, if none of the above-mentioned methods work, you can uninstall and reinstall antivirus on your own personal computer.


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