What is Norton Cloud Backup & how you can set up it?

To reinforce or reestablish documents on Norton Secure Cloud an associated web is required. At that point you have to sign in to Norton account then no one but you can see the documents on the Norton Backup Drive

You have to set the Network Cost Awareness choice in the Firewall Setting Window to No-Limit than no one but you can see the documents in your online reinforcement. 

Reinforcements help ensure your information on the off chance that you become a casualty of malware, trojan, ransomware, spyware, and if there any significant equipment issues. You can reinforce documents to the neighborhood stockpiling OR cloud. 

Enact Norton Backup with the goal that you can run Norton Online reinforcement.

How to activate Norton cloud backup :

Start Norton

Click Backup.

Click Set Up Now.

Click Save Settings.

Click close.

The full process for Creating Norton Online backup :

  • Open Norton 
  • Click Backup. 
  • Click Setup Now. 
  • Make a set name. 
  • Select/Choose those records which should be supported up. 
  • Select/make the area/folder for taking reinforcement. 
  • Subsequent to choosing the Where alternative, it will request that you save money on the secure online stockpiling, hard plate 
  • segment and outside CD/DVD drive choice 
  • Select the online stockpiling choice and snap NEXT. 
  • Select When choice, it will show Automatic alternative, (suggested choice) Weekly, Monthly, and Manual timetable. 
  • Select the programmed choice 
  • Click SAVE Settings.
  • Now click on the Run backup.

It will naturally begin backing all the chose documents and envelopes you have set for auto reinforcement. 

At that point, it will show you can screen which incorporates how much left for reinforcement to wrap up. 

When your whole reinforcement is done then you can close the window. 

Now all the selected files and folder have backed-up on Norton online backup.


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